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29th June 2002, 12:20

It's often claimed that JUTSU is "method" or "art" and DO "the way". Here I have an article wrote by Otsuka H. who maintained that JUTSU can be "the way" as well.

I've been searching for sites but none site I've seen explained in detail the two terms, but often told me that JUTSU is "method" or "art".

Well, what's it all about? Can JUTSU really be "the way" likewise?

Thank you a lot for taking time reading and answering my thread!

Steven Malanosk
29th June 2002, 12:52
In laymans terms:

Jutsu / Jitsu, is a way of doing things = methodology.

Do is a way of life = Ideology. A path of travel.

30th June 2002, 21:18

I see... thank you a lot for answering my question.

Jeff Hamacher
1st July 2002, 00:05

Steven's thumbnail sketch is pretty accurate; i wouldn't agree that do means "ideology", but then that's just picking nits. as far as the standard usage of those terms goes, it's good.

the difficulty with the "do vs. jutsu" question, as far as japanese martial arts are concerned, is that people try to separate "true fighting arts" from "paths of life training" based on terminology, when in fact the distinction between the two is not so clear cut. there is the practical matter of weekly (or daily) training, and the more esoteric question of "personal" or "spiritual" development. both components can be found in almost any japanese martial art, regardless of what it's called.

bear in mind that do and jutsu are just suffixes in japanese martial art names; what those characters/terms mean when used as part of other words can be quite different.

Jody Holeton
1st July 2002, 03:14
Dear all,

Doesn't the kanji for "JUTSU" mean something like useful art?

Jeff Hamacher
1st July 2002, 06:04
Originally posted by Jody Holeton
>> Doesn't the kanji for "JUTSU" mean something like useful art? <<

yes, the character itself can mean various things, including "skill", "technique", "dexterity", or "method". it depends largely on how it's combined with other characters to form words.

1st July 2002, 15:16
Hello friends.

Thank you very much Jeff, your answer has been very informative for me. Otsuka also states why "KARATE DO" was convert to "KARATE JUTSU". The only thing which I didn't understand has been the term "JUTSU" as the way and not as the "art" or "method". I think I've got it.