View Full Version : andrew young

9th August 2000, 16:26
does anybody know how long it usually takes andrew young to reply to an email request? it's been about two weeks since i first tried to contact him regarding tabi....
thanks for the help

Evan London
9th August 2000, 17:14
I have dealt with Andy in the past with great results. I have several pairs of his suede bottomed tabi and I love them. Regarding his relpies, if he's in Japan he usually replies within 24 hours. If he is out of the country, it may be a month or more. In my first attempt to contact him he was out of the country and it took about 6 weeks to get a reply. He will reply, give him some time. If you need some pricing or sizing info I would be happy to forward some of his e-mails to me on the subject to you. contact me via email if you do.