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17th February 2002, 16:49
Anyone comes in Italy for our stage in Messina at the end of june????
We can stay and practice togheter.

Anders Pettersson
18th February 2002, 07:47

I and probably a few other Swedish kenshi plan to go to Messina this year.

We are waiting to get some more detailed information.
Since last years summer (I think) one Italian kenshi, Letizia Sculli, (she is a 3 dan originally from Messina) has moved to Stockholm and practice in a branch there. She has given us some information, but not that specific details as of yet.

Anyway as I said there will probably be some Swedish kenshi coming.

18th February 2002, 12:20
Very good and cool!!!!
So we can practice. I'm 2 kyu but I hope that in messina i'll be 1 kyu.


4th July 2002, 08:04

BIG SUCCESS. No other words. Lot of people, best teachers and friendship to all kenshi.
I'm very happy, too. I have met Pettersson Sensei and I have trained myself its students, all a lot in leg and strong.
I hope to still meet to me with they and of being able to me to still train, to even take advantage of some occasion in order to visit Sweden.
Enough therefore. I augur myself to feel other impressions soon.

Bye Bye

PS: To the evening of gala they are not successful to greeting Caio (or Kaio). If someone can give to my salutes and many auguries to them for the future it I would be much pleasing one

Anders Pettersson
5th July 2002, 18:30

Just for info I merged the above post with a previous thread on the same subject.

I really enjoyed the time in Sicily, even though it was a little too hot for what I am used here in Sweden.
We had 35 kenshi from Sweden attending and some also brought along their family to combine the event with vacation.

Anyway the best thing with the gasshuku was to meet a lot of old friends from different countries.

I think you mean Kayo (not Caio) if you think about the female Japanese kenshi that are a member of Stockholms Studenter Shibu in Sweden.
I will let her know you said hello.


5th July 2002, 19:58
Yes, the girl was her. I'd like to meet her, too. I've practiced good with her. Thanx :-))))

Write soon with good news from Sweden.