View Full Version : Kihon kata - 12

Benjamin Peters
6th July 2002, 23:47
How long does an average student normally spend on studying the 12 kata? I mean, how long do they spend before they move on to the other kata available? One two years, or a few months?

Jeff Hamacher
8th July 2002, 00:09
i assume you mean the Jodo Seiteigata? the kihon are the solo and paired exercises. according to what my teacher tells me, it takes the average student a year or two of consistent training to be taught all 12 solo kihon and 12 Seiteigata (our group doesn't spend much time, if any, on the paired exercises). i have about a year and a half under my belt at this point, and the only thing left from these is the last kata, Ran'ai. still, some of my seniors insist that i've really learned the stuff quickly; go figure. bear in mind, of course, that this time frame is simply for being shown or introduced to the forms. you'll spend the rest of your days in training trying to properly learn them. even after you get your invitation to start working on the Shinto Muso-ryu kata, you'll likely have juniors who need you to work with them on Seiteigata.