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7th July 2002, 16:55
i have heard that shorinji kenpo practice two sort of meditation:
stationary meditation (in zazen it seems)
and moving meditation
i have never seen the latter practiced, so i would like to know how is it perfomed?
is it a bit like taijiquan ?


Gary Dolce
7th July 2002, 17:35
As far as I know, there is no one particular kind of practice that is classified as "moving meditation". Instead, I think all Shorinji Kempo practice, whether it is single or pair form, slow speed or fast, set technique or free application could be considered "moving meditation" if one approaches it that way.

The closest I have ever come to feeling totally aware, completely "in the moment" with no distractions, centered but still completely connected to the outside world (all feelings I associate with where I want to be during meditation), have been when doing embu. So, maybe for me at least, that is the best kind of "moving meditation".

7th July 2002, 21:44
the name of the meditation is ekin gyo for moving meditation
or maybe its not include in shorinji kenpo, im not sure

Anders Pettersson
8th July 2002, 00:04
Originally posted by shugyosha
the name of the meditation is ekin gyo for moving meditation
or maybe its not include in shorinji kenpo, im not sure
A quote from the English version of the Fukudoku-hon (page 10).
Training in Shorinji Kempo can be divided into technical practice (ekkin-gyo) and chinkon practice (chinkon-gyo), which centers on the practice of zazen meditation.
I hope this helps.


8th July 2002, 00:14
All Shorinji Kempo practice should be a form of meditation, whether seated as during chinkon (zazen), or moving (ekkin-gyo). Anything with "gyo" at the end means an action that is intended to move the practitioner further down the path to enlightenment (in my case, I should arrive sometime about July 10, 3243;) .) I think the point being made here is that there should be a spiritual dimension to everything that you do; techniques are not just physical exercise or combat, but about "meditation" (i.e., a conscious effort to move towards enlightment) "through action" (and not just seated meditation). Probably the closest example of this is Dolce Sensei's description of being "in the moment".

8th July 2002, 13:38
thanks for the informations :)
i think i get it now
ekin gyo is like zen, living fully each moment?

kimpatsu, 3243 for enlightenment? dont be so pessimistic, enlightenment can occur realy sooner than you think, espacialy if you know kundalini ;)
but thats another thing

Jun Omi
18th July 2002, 20:20
Just a little more info regarding this issue. According to Koban-sensei (7th-dan), the vice principal of Shorinji Kempo Busen School, the original meaning of "Ekkin gyo" is "Training that changes your body structure/conditions." So, through physical trainings of Shorinji Kempo, we not only build up muscles but also adjust our body conditions so that we can maximize our potential. In short, through Ekkin Gyo, we purify our bodies, and through Chinkon, we purify our minds. Makes sense?

20th July 2002, 16:25
thanks jun for this enlightenment :)