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Robert Liljeblad
10th August 2000, 07:32

What is Kiryoku?
It's week 43:s philosophy subject to Nidan. Does anyone know what it is?


Robert Persson

10th August 2000, 13:51

I have a limited knowledge of Japanese, but I believe kiryoku is made up of 2 Japanese words - Ki meaning mind, temper, or will, and ryoku which is a suffix meaning power. I am not sure what kiryoku means in Shorinji-speak, but I hope this helps.

Anders Pettersson
11th August 2000, 10:12
Hejsan Robert.
Kul att se att du har blivit aktiv på detta forum.

Ok that's enough Swedish. :)
The explanation given by Dax of the kanji used in kiryoku (C) are correct.
To further explain it I am not the man to do that in written English.
I can try to do it to Robert when I see him in a couple of weeks.
But meanwhile, please someone of you that are native English speakers give it a try.

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John McCulloch
11th August 2000, 20:36

I believe "Kiryoku" can be translated as "willpower," "energy" or "vitality."

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Mki-Kuutti Vesa
15th August 2000, 19:02

Question What is Kiruoku? in Nidan Gakka 12.

Some humble thoughts about this subject.

Fukudoku-hon textbook page 27 chapter 10.:
"The appearance of KIRUOKU (the energy of life) in the body is known as KISEI, and the appearance of that in the voice is known as KIAI. Although "spirit" may be allright as a translation for KISEI, "shout" will not suffice for KIAI. For KIAI is a concentration of spirit in an action...."

In WSKO test Evaluation criteria from may, 1988 it says about the Question of SHIN KI RYOKU - about the unity of mind, spirit and strength- that: In the answer you should tell about your understanding that THE MIND AND BODY OF MAN ARE INSEPARABLE, an there is an INTERRELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MIND, SPIRIT AND STRENGHT.

This is interresting question linquistically, philosophicallly and from the point of personal development of thinking of Shorinji Kempo kenshi.

Western cultural and philosophical background puts things in linquistical concepts by using two opposite concept.
Good - Bad. This leads us to think according to dual method. In my experience buddhism and many eastern philosophies use one concept to mean the both ends and the whole continuum. This is also seen in writing style. This makes it difficult to use for example english lanquage to explain hiragana.

Do you believe in Descathes: In think I must be in Existence. ?

Do you believe that god created everything; god and evil. Or do you believe that god created everything good
and everything evil comes from the devil.

Do you think that Libido (lust for life) fight all through your life and finally looses to Thanatos (lust for death)?

Or can it be that your body and spirit are from the same source of energy of life (KIRYOKU), or a path of the universal spirit (Dharma). And the part of the
universal spirit that tells you what is right or wrong (Innen) regulates also the direction of your life energy , both physical in body and mental in spirit.