View Full Version : Just a suggestion

Ron Rompen
7th July 2002, 18:49
I have noticed in the past few weeks/months, that if I spend more than a few minutes on each of the new message areas, all the 'NEW' counters are reset to zero.

Is this a default in the program? If so, could it be reset? I know that I'm missing new stuff because I just take too long fighting the good fight :)

John Lindsey
7th July 2002, 20:14
Hi Ron,

This is a setting I can control. Currently, the "Timeout for Cookie"
(this is the time that a user must remain inactive before the unread posts are reset to read)is set for 15 minutes. I will set it for 30 minutes to see how it works for everyone.

Ron Rompen
7th July 2002, 22:16
Thanks John. That will probably do the trick. Most people won't even notice the difference, but those of us who read a LOT of the messages (and then follow the links, etc) will :)