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8th July 2002, 15:10
Just Curious...

How far up do you have the requirements for various ranks, and what is required at those ranks?

Shitoryu Dude
8th July 2002, 15:32
We have ones posted on the wall for up to Shodan.

Required kata for each rank, kobudo for the last 4 kyu ranks & ippon kumite for the last 5 kyu ranks. They are also judged on general blocking, punching, kicking, and moving ability.


8th July 2002, 18:00
my students have access to rank requirements
all the way to Yodan if they are inclined to
know that much information. Have discovered this
can be just a little overwelming for 10th kyu students
:-) Heck, it is a little overwelming for me!

8th July 2002, 18:01

What are your requirements for Yodan?

8th July 2002, 20:12
I will send via e-mail or private message.

8th July 2002, 20:21
Thank you.

21st July 2002, 00:28
In order to evolve throug the ranks, I had to know the respective katas and bunkais, kihon, i had to fight, make jyu ippon kumite, show attitude, dedication, spirit!