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9th July 2002, 01:33

I just recently made the unfortunate discovery that kung fu shoes are BAD on mats. Luckily we figured it out pretty quickly, but not before a few rubber streaks were left on our new mats. Does anyone have any recommendations on getting these streaks off? Is it possible? I have tried using a medium brush as well as a rough sponge but neither had any effect.

I keep meaning to contact the makers of the mats but they are east coast and I am west so by the time I think to call it is too late.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Jeff O
9th July 2002, 15:29
Hi Michael,

We typically use/scrub fantastic on the area, then wash it off with heavy doses of water. It usually takes a few times. Our dojo has Swain mats, but I have seen Askew's Zebra mats, and they seem to be identical.

We also use a disinfectant/cleaner once a month called A-33; we use it in the fire service to clean out the back of our medics and fire apparatus. It does a great job of cleaning the mats and not drying them out. You should be able to buy it from any sanitation store, or online. It usually comes in a powder capsule that desolves in a 5 gallon bucket of water.

Incidentally, we stopped letting sutdents wear rubber sole tabi/wrestling shoes because of this. If your mats are not on a solid surface, and sink in easily, you'll find the rubber tabi will pull up the corners of the mats, and over time rip them. Our students just wear clothe tabi or socks - no bear feet though.

Hope this helps,

9th July 2002, 16:49
The best is Zebra’s own mat cleaner; it will take off black marks (we get them from shinai, black uniforms and suede tabi.
But you will be left with scuff marks. :(
Sorry but as time goes on you will get a lot of those.