View Full Version : Tips on improving Pins, submission holds, and Joint locks.

9th July 2002, 18:31
I been working on my grappling lately. I can pin some people and not others. I fix the problem by change the technique to fit with with my uke is doing; but I was wondering if there are ways to improve my pins, joint locks and submission holds so I would have to keep changing from technique to technique all the time.

Is there somethings I can practice to improve them or am I missing something.

13th July 2002, 09:11
As with anything you must adapt to what your opponent is doing (as you said you do.) When attempting to pin an opponent, one needs to control hips or shoulders of the opponent and maintain a lowered base. Once the opponent can control YOUR base, you no longer are able to pin them. As for locks and submissions, you must take up as much slack in the joint in-order to make most efficient use of your force. How you take up that slack, depends on the type of lock being applied. For instance , if you attack a neck, you feed you arms tightly around and use you chest and shoulder to take-up the space then apply force in the direction you want to. Failure to take-up the slack or reduce the room for movement is what make most locks fail.

S. Yamashiro

13th July 2002, 11:01
That is another good reply that helps.

Here is the other forum where positioned the questions. Some good answers here too.


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