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10th July 2002, 04:43
Hey gang,
i need some help. A friend of mine named Adam just moved back from Cali. He is a dan ranked MA in Shotokan,Uechi-Ryu, and Judo. I need help with two small problems. Adam wants to start to take jujistu. He is still training in the other arts but wants to get a little more grappling. So my problem is two things. One I do not know any good jujistu schools in the southern NH/Northern Mass area. So help is needed there. The only dojo I found was for Small Circle Jujistu. It seems like a great school but I know little about the style. How is there grappling and what do they offer for locks,strikes,etc? thanks for any help.
George Sousa

10th July 2002, 06:57
You can start by getting Wally Jay's book, Small Circle Jujutsu (or ju jitsu). Wally was an outstanding judoka early on, but I only know his thoughts on jujutsu through his book. He seemed to have the right idea, though, and the book is a pretty good read, and will definitely give you a good idea of what you will be doing if you decide on that dojo (IE, read the book first, if you can). If it is true Small Circle, I would give them a chance (take a sample class or two before signing on the dotted line,too), but then I don't think you will find a big difference between that and a good judo dojo, IMO.

Do a search at any online book stores (Amazon or B&N).
Good luck!


10th July 2002, 07:49
George -

One of Wally Jay's top students, and the inheritor to pass the system on in North America is named Ed Melaugh, and he teaches in Woburn MA, located near both Rtes 93 and 95. Having done some different training with Mr. Melaugh in the past, I can say firsthand he is a great jujutsu person and a good guy.

You can check out his site at the New England Small Circle Jujutsu website (http://world.std.com/~jujitsu/)

Small Circle Jujutsu is a pretty decent style, the concepts are fairly natural; its some rough training, but its good stuff.

Charlie Kondek
10th July 2002, 13:14
Will it help your friend with grappling, though? If grappling (i.e., rolling around on the ground) is a priority, I'm sure there's some judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu somewhere near you.