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John Lindsey
10th July 2002, 17:59
Post all your photos of Kombat Ki in action shots here (not to be confused with Combat Ki, Wombat Pee, etc).

John Lindsey
10th July 2002, 17:59

John Lindsey
10th July 2002, 18:08
Check out these nuts!

John Lindsey
10th July 2002, 18:14
Kombat Ki home study course

11th July 2002, 05:07

John Lindsey
11th July 2002, 12:48

A bunch of groin kick videos, face punches, belly puches, etc.

20th July 2002, 00:18
The first picture is part of the training of the Shaolin Temple Monks ;)

I've seen them demonstrate it, asking people to kick them, or hit them anywhere. :cool:

John Lindsey
21st July 2002, 02:19

23rd July 2002, 00:14
A member of the Indian dojo finds another way into the Guinness Book of World Records...

oops - tried to attach pictue of Bibhuti Nayak, an Indian journalist.

Here's a link to the story http://www.chalomumbai.com/asp/article.asp?cat_id=29&art_id=26737&cat_code=2F574841545F535F4F4E5F4D554D4241492F5441415A415F4B4841424152&name=bibhuti

The 36-year-old Bibhuti Bhushan Nayak today created two world records for the maximum number of push ups in a minute and breaking three cement blocks placed on his groin. ''It is just because of people's support and encouragement that I was able to do it,'' he said after creating the records in front of a panel of observers, scorers and time keepers in Mumbai. The programme was recorded by the AXN channel in presence of guinness officials and will be sent for formal ratification to the Guinness book of world records on monday.

The name of Nayak, a resident of Airoli in Navi Mumbai, who hails from Orissa, already figures in the Guinness book of world records for completing 819 backhand push ups in an hour. Nayak today completed 133 push ups in a minute, shattering the earlier guinness world record of 116 push ups held by Paul Dean of Royal Marines at Lympstone, UK, who achieved this feat on July 25, 2000.

He also placed three cement blocks on his groin and a martial arts expert broke them with a six-and-half kg sledgehammer in one stroke. Each block weighing 41 lbs was 70 mm thick, 600 mm in
length and 200 mm in width. The earlier record in this category was held by Cliff Flenoy of USA who did this with two blocks at Los Angeles on August 12, 1998.

Earlier, Nayak had also won an entry in the Limca book of records for receiving 43 hook kicks by four martial arts instructors continuously on his groin. His name also figures in the Limca book of records for doing the maximum number of stomach sit ups -- 1,448 to be precise in an hour

Little Big Man
30th July 2002, 20:45
Mr. Lindsey, you are a truly sick individual. My hat goes off to you. :nw:

John Lindsey
1st August 2002, 01:34
Thats because I am the only one with the ballz to do this...


John Lindsey
1st August 2002, 01:59
Before all Kombat Ki testing, students must be inspected by one of our Doctors (graduates of the University of Ornamental Philosophy).

John Lindsey
4th August 2002, 14:41
In the early days of Kombat Ki, Nurse Suzy was on hand to perform minor surgey if the techiniques did not go as planned.

6th August 2002, 19:45
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

John Lindsey
16th August 2002, 12:34

John Lindsey
16th August 2002, 12:39

John Lindsey
18th August 2002, 11:25

26th August 2002, 16:02
I don't have one, but if I did, I wouldn't do THAT to it...

(anybody have a pic of a "prince albert?")

John Lindsey
26th September 2002, 23:46

13th November 2002, 06:50
Originally posted by bonzuko
I don't have one, but if I did, I wouldn't do THAT to it...

(anybody have a pic of a "prince albert?")


renfield kuroda

Sean T. Fourkiller
13th December 2002, 18:21
Daikomyosai Kombat Ki!

13th December 2002, 18:58

Lots more here: http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=226401

John Lindsey
21st December 2003, 03:31
Some of our past alumni. Many of these young men went on to get their balls kicked in Nam...