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John Lindsey
11th July 2002, 12:58
Flying kick in groin kills man
Posted: 1:14 AM (Manila Time) | October 26, 2001
By Alcuin Papa
Inquirer News Service

A 31-YEAR-OLD man died after his opponent gave him a flying kick in the groin in Makati City early Thursday morning.

The victim was identified as Jovito Esplago, of Barangay West Rembo, Makati City. The suspect, who escaped, was identified as Dondon Flores, of the same area.

According to the Makati City Police complaint desk, the assault happened after 12 a.m. The two men were reportedly arguing over a still undetermined subject near Esplago's house.

Witnesses told police Flores suddenly gave Esplago a flying kick to the groin. Esplago fell, and witnesses were surprised to find out that he was already dead.

11th July 2002, 15:32
groin kicks can kill, especially if your not expecting it, or if your not a member of a certain organization that allows you to make hissing noises to defeat them. The usual cause of death is shock i think, but I could be very wrong.

Phil Farmer
22nd July 2002, 16:52
I guess if the kick ruptured a major artery in the testicles or perhaps the femoral artery, then sure you could die from a groin kick. As a former catcher and college baseball umpire I can tell you about a few fastballs that made me wish I was dead! Maybe that's why I only have one kid? The groin is so blood rich, I could see where you might bleed out but I have a hard time believing the death was immediate. An interesting news item.

22nd July 2002, 17:35
Where is the hissing directed?

Phil Farmer
22nd July 2002, 21:54
So I guess this group is "hissed off". Well that fits with a groin kick, it would certainly hiss me off.

23rd July 2002, 03:52
Well I guess a groin kick could kill - there are plenty of organs around that area that could be ruptured or otherwise damaged with hard enough impact. The severe pain can render a person unconscious from shock, so I suppose it could kill as well if you are "fragile". We don't know exactly what sort of kick was used, whether it really hit the groin, or something else close-by. Maybe ruptured his bladder or spleen? Caused internal bleeding? Drove the testes up into the pelvis?

24th July 2002, 23:56
the hissing noises remark was directed towards our old friends at juko-kai, and their damn odd combat ki sound effects. If you dont remember, watch the discovery channel segment again or somesuch tape and when they are practicing they make all sorts of odd hisses and weird faces. though I might make a pretty screwed up face if someone was kicking me in the junk

26th July 2002, 04:23
Without the actual medical cause of death from an autopsy, it could be a number of things that have been mentioned. Such as, extreme shock, or severing an artery and bleeding out internally. Or, it could have been something like passing out from the pain and the guy hit his head when he fell and died (I know that sounds stupid, but I've seen where that has happened before).

Or it could have been a delayed death touch from an earlier argument and he activated it with the kick... :-) just kidding, couldn't help it.

26th July 2002, 06:58
Witnesses told police Flores suddenly gave Esplago a flying kick to the groin. Esplago fell, and witnesses were surprised to find out that he was already dead.

The article doesn't indicate how long it took for help to be called nor the ETA.

Assuming help wasn't given at the scene until police arrived shock is the most probable cause. Most people can talk, breathe, still have a hearbeat, and some don't get hurt much at all from a strike to the groin. With the above being in doubt, only shock, or a shock-induced mortal injury at the appropriate time could end someone's life that quickly.

There is a lot of data on American Football injuries (generally, being speared to the chest, but not always) which show, when struck at the right time and with the correct amount of force, the heart will stop and not be able to be restarted even with elctroshock available (think about this long and hard, folks. Flight attendants are being trained to use these things on a plane).

It also depends on just where the person was struck. If dead on to the penis or scrotum it is doubtful, but at the supra pubic bone area, it is possible that the person indeed died from shock, leading to immediate stoppage of the heart or a massive stroke and immediate, massive hemmorhage, brain or otherwise (I know, but hey they give rectal suppositories for migraines).

If brought immediately to a hospital with a trauma room which can take an immediate ECG, the exact moment of heart stoppage can be shown on the strips.

On the other hand, the story was very devoid of any factual evidence so much more could have been involved the reporter did not include. A follow up on the story would have made it a bit more realistic.

Jeez, John, first you want to to know why Jews can't own Canadians and now this. You have too much time on your hands.;)