View Full Version : How many students does your dojo have?

11th July 2002, 20:01
I am curious as to how many students a good, traditional school can have. Is there a demand for traditional martial arts? Or does everybody look for the junk stuff that so dominates today's martial arts market?

Shitoryu Dude
11th July 2002, 20:24
I know we have a good number - heck, the monthly promotions number at least 3 dozen, and not the same people every time either . 100? Sure, 200? maybe - I don't see the afternoon classes or hang out when the newbie or kid's classes are being held.


Bob Blackburn
12th July 2002, 14:30
We probably only have about 30 adults. The kids program pays for the school.

12th July 2002, 20:31
Do any of you feel the smaller the class, the better the instruction?

16th July 2002, 19:18
Originally posted by Amphinon
Do any of you feel the smaller the class, the better the instruction?

I am two sided about this. Larger classes have more "energy" and can be more exciting. Smaller classes can be more informative and individualized. I think a good balance of the two is needed. However, I would say you need a school with a good student count in order to do other things beyond ordinary training, such as camps, seminars, etc. Camps are very exciting and are great training, but usually only a small number of people from any student population can attend, meaning you need a lot of students to make some ideas plausible.

20th July 2002, 02:49
I like the smaller classes because in a bigger class you get lost in the bunch and get away with making mistakes...

As a young fresh kyu belt I like the fact that my instructor gets me busted for trying to pull a fast one. I like the way he pushes me to work hard on my techniques. I get so much more information and I learn so much out of it....

In a bigger class I get left feeling confused and I have no idea if I did anything properly....
When Iwas invovled in a bigger class we were pretty much pushed around from mats to kata to basics and anyhow we were like cattle.

If the bigger class has a few senior belts involved with the Sensei during coaching then this is much more worthwile. I hate to waste my time and money and Karate (Martial Arts) are expensive and time consuming but you know what it is worth every single moment...


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