View Full Version : Inter-lingual puns

Ian McDonald
12th July 2002, 13:11
For those of you out there with language skills (and that's all of you, I hope) do any of you ever get amused by the possibility of making puns that cross lanquages and cultures?

For example, in the language of Indonesia and Malaysia, Harimau is the tiger, a big, hairy meow. My Malay friends hated that one.

How about studying Japanese Sword Arts in Texas? I think that the Mugai Ryu is the most appropriate style for cowboys don't you?.

One phrase that showed up here a while ago in reference to a guy getting stabbed by a swordfish was Sakana katana. I like this stuff, maybe I'm a bit twisted. LOL

Puns are generally considered the lowest form of humor, however, those who know understand that punning well is a high level cognitive skill that requires an excellent command of language, creativity, and quickness of mind.

So how about it folks? And no cheap stuff like Aikido means "ache, I do." We want quality puns and linguistic adventures. Good stories about mangled language & meanings are OK, too. (One of my kid students insists that a boken is a Bonkum.)