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Nathan Scott
11th August 2000, 01:04
Hi guys,

Hey, it looks like... I'm a moderator. :cool:

What do you know?

I figure I better offer a disclaimer or two before anyone gets the wrong impression:

Technically, I'm not the most qualified person here to "head" this forum as far as credentials in "aikijujutsu" compared to some on this list, but I'm trying to keep in mind that moderating mostly means management of tempers and maintaining appropriate postings and atmosphere.

This all came about when I had complained to Mr. Lindsey a little while ago about someone who was driving me up the @$#! wall in the Koryu section, and asked if he wanted a moderator. He took me seriously and offered it to me, however, when I returned that I didn't formally study any arts that most would consider "koryu", he asked me to take this forum instead. So I appologize for this, but I'll do my best to keep out of the way of those more experienced than myself!


I'm not a big fan of doing things half-a$$ed, so if I'm going to moderate something I will moderate it when necessary.

There have been some really great discussions here both pre and post crash, but there have also been some big flame wars and emotional outbursts. Just to let you know, I will moderate threads as objectively as possible, regardless of any affiliations, seniority or friendships that may be at conflict between myself and others by doing so.

There will not be any flame wars here. If you can't communicate reasonably, politely and rationally, then please take a minute to calm down, have someone else write the post for you, or just don't contribute.

The Budo world is a small world, and theres no reason why we can't have productive conversations and get along. To each his own opinion.

Anyway, end of sermon. Sorry to come across like a hard a$$, but those of you that have been here a while will understand why I feel it is necessary to set some groundwork to ensure mature, productive interactions.

Thanks in advance for you patience, and I hope I never have to post with a "moderator hat" on! (aside from "please list your real name!)

Let 'er rip,

Nathan Scott

Brently Keen
11th August 2000, 23:03

You've got my vote of confidence, I think you'll make a fine moderator.

Good Luck!

Brently Keen

Neil Yamamoto
12th August 2000, 00:37
I don't know Nathan. I don't think you are on the forums enough to do this. :D

Good, I'm glad you volunteered. Like the general said to the troops, "Go take that hill and I'll be right behind you."

Seriously, you are perfect for the role here as moderator. Thanks for taking it on.

Nathan Scott
15th June 2014, 01:06

I've decided to opt-out of moderating here at e-budo. It's been an interesting 14 years, and I know I've learned a lot, but I think it's time to let someone else take a whack at moderating here.

FWIW, my intent here was to provide a place to archive credible non-sensitive information about the arts, correcting years of misinformation, and provide an atmosphere that would attract members of the arts to feel as though they could post here without being ambushed with the typical nonsense and inner-teaching harvesting of other forums. The result was we eventually had at least one member of every branch of Daito-ryu posting at one time or another, and this was a first (and still is) for any forum on the internet. We also weeded out fraudulent teachers, provided a dojo finder, and resolved a major succession issue within Daito-ryu. I believed these benefits far out-weighed the value of discussing subjective matters of individual skills, or, exposing the inner teachings of other arts, both of which are well known to result more times than not in misinformation and flame wars than productive discourses. In any event, my stepping down will allow the new owners the opportunity to use this forum how they see fit.

Thanks to everyone for the opportunity and for your participation all these years.

P Goldsbury
15th June 2014, 11:41
Hello Nathan,

When I saw your post in the Admin forum, I read through the lengthy discussion we had elsewhere in that sub-forum. I stand by the opinions I expressed then, as I am sure you stand by yours. Perhaps a face-to-face discussion might have made things clearer, but I think this would have been difficult. It is clear from your post that we still disagree about a whole range of issues concerning Daito-ryu (and probably aikido) and also concerning the future direction of E-Budo.

Regardless of this, I would like to thank you for that earlier discussion and thank you also for the vast amount of work you have done for this website. I joined E-Budo one year after you did and have been a regular reader of the AJJ forum, even though I have never contributed (as far as I can remember). I have been a moderator for a long time and know by experience the vast amount of effort it takes to moderate a forum as you think it should be moderated.

So thank you again and best wishes,

P Goldsbury

15th June 2014, 15:56
That's unfortunate Nathan, but given the direction this forum has taken recently, I suppose it was only a matter of time. As a general comment, Nathan has a lot of experience in DR along with other arts. From the interactions I have had with him, he has always come across as a person of knowledge and integrity. Best of luck,

Nathan Scott
16th June 2014, 03:24

Thanks much for your posting, it was big of you to do so. No hard feelings.

Oisin, thanks for the kind words. Hopefully we'll run into each other one of these days and we can talk shop over a beer.


20th June 2014, 16:51
Thanks for the many years of service Nathan!