View Full Version : Budo Fun #41

John Lindsey
24th July 2002, 22:53
"When Sensei sobers up, don't tell him why he was laying outside in the rain with his pants off."

25th July 2002, 06:54
"Whew, we're home. Carrying your sensei home from Montrose takes alot out of you, doesn't it?" (Only Houstonians will get this joke.)

Nick Martin

Son of Thunder
25th July 2002, 19:00
"Tonight, we eat well!"

27th July 2002, 02:23
"Is this the best you kids could do for a homecoming float? Absolutely pathetic!" :mad:

Chuck Munyon
28th July 2002, 01:12
Belushi-san? Do you know what happen to our Tequira?