View Full Version : Budo Fun #17

John Lindsey
11th August 2000, 22:24

Taro tries to convince Mick and Keith that the Rolling Stones really need to retire after this last tour...

Jay Bell
11th August 2000, 22:31
Hey...guys...can you hold this while I take a leak?

Jeff Cook
11th August 2000, 23:11
"Would you guys mind pulling these damn arrows out of my back?"

Jeff Cook

11th August 2000, 23:57
"trading on the equity can benefit your stockholders by the issuance of either long-term debt securities or preferred stock, provided that there are sufficient earnings on the addition of....."

Greg Ellis
28th Headmaster of Chocolate-Chip-Brownie-with-Creamy-Frosting Ryu (Unacknowledged) National Living Treasure

Earl Hartman
12th August 2000, 00:28
"All right, YOU guys tell me why the grip on my bow isn't in the center. I've been staring at the damn thing for hours and I STILL can't figure it out."

12th August 2000, 02:10
"Due to recent shark attacks, many lifeguards have been advised to maintain a high level of vigilance..."

Gil Gillespie
12th August 2000, 02:19
No massa, please, don't whack us THERE again!

12th August 2000, 03:26
That damn time machine brought me to the wrong year again!!! I said 2000 AD not BC!!!

12th August 2000, 11:05
"Hey! How do you guys survive here, in Cannibal Island, without any visible food around...?"

13th August 2000, 19:13
Now that i've been able to steal all your fine clothing and wear it all at once, i am on my way to steal the heart of the princess with my new fashion. How does it look?

13th August 2000, 19:53
Only a few were actually convinced of Adachi's "reverse bow" style's effectiveness. Nearly all were dispatched in their first actual battlefield encounter, thus, leaving no one to continue this unusual kyudo tradition.

Mitch Saret
14th August 2000, 00:07
Yes, my friends, with the new bow-a-matic, you can slice and dice your enemies in no time flat.....


14th August 2000, 15:51
What the samurai, Hiroaki says: "I lay claim to this island in the name of the Emperor! You will now serve him and respect him! Are you listening to me?! You are now subjects of the Emperor..."

What they hear: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! Blah blah blah blah blah?! Blah blah blah blah blah blah ..."

Evan London
14th August 2000, 18:20
In the next episode of Sumimatsu: Time Traveler, we see what happens when our hero introduces the bow and arrow to stone age neanderhals, and the crazy antics that ensue!


Mike Collins
16th August 2000, 00:57
Kenji, the kyudoka, elucidates some of the finer points of heiho to the two champion judoka.

We are not sure if they quite grasped his point.

16th August 2000, 20:49
What happened to Budo Fun #16? Did I miss it, is my browser malfuntioning in some odd fashion? What gives? :cry:

26th August 2000, 16:35
DAMN! You told me that the local animals around here made good eats! That damn deer got me sick! I'm gunna be on the crapper all day now! You can hunt those damn things, I'm gunna stick to rice! BLAGHHHH...

27th August 2000, 03:25
"Now imagine if ALL your opponents had these weapons, it would be a stalemate! No one would dare unleash these weapons on anyone! The weapons are too uncivilized."

27th August 2000, 21:08
Seppuku with a yumi is performed by holding the bow in this fashion.......