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1st August 2002, 22:40
An Afghanistanian man sleeps in his mobile home.

1st August 2002, 22:44
Upset by the abundance of 'fake' American Ninja, Saru Kobayashi voices his protest.

1st August 2002, 22:55
Scarecrows near a Poppy field in Afghanistan.

2nd August 2002, 14:17
Well... Those aren't really funny. In general that's what I call a bad taste...

2nd August 2002, 15:59
Duly noted. Perhaps my attempts at humor were misguided (but don't quite rank with making fun of 'kittens caught in a storm drain').
The Afghani's have been at war for over 22 years and it seems their plight will only get worse before it gets beter. Is making light of the situation wrong?
Maybe, but at least you feel one way or another about it. I think most Americans have forgotton about what happened over a year ago (9/11) and could care less what's happing in Afghanistan now.
Sorry if I offended anyone.:(

Mike Williams
2nd August 2002, 17:24
Well the first and third pic were a bit duboius, but the caption on the second was funny as hell!!



2nd August 2002, 18:16
Perhaps my sense of humor is really twisted. Day in and day out we are barraged with TV and Radio news that is negative follwed by more negative news from abroad then ended with some negative local news and then we find out how awful the weather will be later on.
I was always a big fan of the 'Weekend update' on saturday night live (a syndicated comedy show) In that segment of the show they would do a skit where a mock news reporter would read slightly altered news stories while displaying images in the background. They often parodied celebrities, politicians, athletes, and current news events.
Not all of the storys where in good taste where the mainstream population was concerned but that's the nature of comedy. There's always someone that will be offended. You tell a joke about doctors and at least one doctor will be offended. If you tell a joke about a climber falling and injuring himself, there will be at least one person who has lost a loved one in a climbing accident that will be offended. It's all a matter of perspective and sometimes a big gamble.
Someone once posted a picture of truck loaded to over flowing with Afghani refugees with a joke attached to it. Many commmented on it as being funny. I believe jokes involving the suffering of the innocent are not funny but like so many others why do I laugh at videos that show people falling down or bonking their head or getting their faimly jewels crunched?

Perhaps my twisted humor is my way of coping with a chaotic world filled with turmoil. The last thing I want to do is be offensive to anyone.
Take the pic below for example. I have a hard time looking at it without imagining the soldier in the foreground saying something like:
"Hey, that was my new car!!"
Your mileage may vary (pardon the pun) when it comes to this kind of humor.

3rd August 2002, 00:01
Yeah, I tend to have a bit of a twisted sense of humor myself. When I saw that last picture, the first thing that came to mind was ... "Fender bender my ass, he's in big trouble this time!"

29th August 2002, 06:15
What do ya mean my insurance doesn't cover it?

29th August 2002, 06:18
Last time I let the Wife drive!

29th August 2002, 06:27
What do ya mean my insurance doesn't cover it?

2nd September 2002, 16:28
If in Los Angeles ......

What do you mean you are an illegal alien,

have no drivers license .....

and no car insurance .......

and you are suing the bar that got you drunk?!

Steve Beale

9th September 2002, 20:08
"CAR FOR SALE!!" "Very low mileage!"

Budoka 34
11th September 2002, 11:50
It's only offensive to those who haven't been there!:)
I spent eight years in the military and another eight years as a paramedic. We develop our coping skills based on our personal experiences.
This is good stuff, keep it coming! :D