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3rd August 2002, 04:19
i was wondering is it safe to live for long lengths of time with wrist and ankle weights on(or weighted clothing if it exists).Ileave wrist and ankle wieghts on for 3 or 4 hours at a time then when i take them of feel like a whole new person speed and stregth wise.
thanx for any info:)

chris A

10th August 2002, 14:35
Ankle and wrist weights can be invigorating but care must be used, especially with the ankle weights. The problem occurs when the weights change your walking gait sufficiently to effect your posture. This can lead to problems with the sacrum and low back pain.Wrist weights can do the same especially if you swing your arms a lot when walking due to the weights. I ahve worn them myself at times and do like them, but be careful. If you notice pain in the low back I would stop. A weighted vest might be a better option, this would be akin to backpacking. Another thing, make sure the ankle and wrist weights don't bounce as you walk, long term this will bruise the bone.


19th August 2002, 04:42
It has been my experience with weight training as far as ankle and wrist weights go, that it is a bad idea to wear them for extended periods of time. This mainly because it causes/can cause serious damage to your knees. If you are to use them, and I do myself also, I find that it is best to do a series of kicks or lifts, stretches, whatever and then remove them and do something else. Come back and do another series again in twenty minutes. Anything involving walking, running, jumping, spinning, or anything with high impact should be avoided. For those activities, a bookbag with weights or even a weighted vest would be good.

I think wrist weights are a bad idea. I use regular 3,5,8, and 10 lb. Wal-Mart dumbells and they do the trick for arms.

Ankle weights have a magnificent effect on my kicking speed and power. I love them dearly.

Hope I've been of some help. For more and/or better information I suggest reading or renting a book called- "Tao of Jeet Kun Do" by good old Bruce. It lists training programs that will emphasize specific weight training exercises for anything you should need MA wise.