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Miles Stephenso
3rd August 2002, 19:39
This is my first message and I hope that I get some Response. I live in the Atlanta area and I have been looking for any one who practices or teaches SK. I studied in Detroit in the late seventies and early eighties but have since moved to the Atlanta are and I have been unable to find anyone.

Anders Pettersson
4th August 2002, 21:55
Originally posted by Miles Stephenso
This is my first message and I hope that I get some Response. I live in the Atlanta area and I have been looking for any one who practices or teaches SK. I studied in Detroit in the late seventies and early eighties but have since moved to the Atlanta are and I have been unable to find anyone.


Hi Miles and welcome to e-budo.

I don't think that there are any official branches in that area, but I will make some inquires with kenshi in the US and see if anybody knows if there are any kenshi living in that area.


PS. I also edited your post to have a more describing title.

Miles Stephenso
4th August 2002, 22:46
Thank You for the help , I even wrote a letter to the Rev. Toshio Kuramoto and have not heard from him yet either. Right now I practice at a Gojo-ryu DoJo. And the sensi who teaches there also studdied SK but not as extensive as I. So he lets me work out at his place, with me giving his students a few lessons in Sk once in a while, but I feel like I am stepping on his toes, because everytime I show his students some SK they get more interested in what I show them compared to what he teaches. When I went to Work out this week a lot of his students came over to me, and they had the new issue of Black Belt, and it seems they now want to learn SK, so I am in a big dilemma
Help someone please.
My name is miles stephenson, I have been trying to get my name changed correctly

5th August 2002, 11:36
Miles... that I'm aware of there's no SK taught here in town. If there is anybody teaching/practicing, they're doing it quietly & privately. There are some people teaching Okinawan Shorinji-ryu, but not the SK you're used to from So Doshin.

You can always check here (http://www.atlantamartialarts.com) but the site hasn't been updated in a bit. This may help some.


Thomas Fontaine
5th August 2002, 15:06

There is no official WSKO branch in Atlanta, Miles. The closest, I believe, would be the branches in Alabama. Depending on where exactly you are situated, I guess they may be a possibility. As I understand it, Stump sensei would be the senior Shorinji rep. in that area. They do have contact information on the Alabama Shorinji Kempo website, but unfortunately I don't have the exact address. It should be simple enough to find - you could also visit the Toronto branch website and find the Alabama site through the links under "Shorinji Kempo Resources" - see 'torontoshorinji.org'

Best of luck!

Thomas Fontaine
Toronto Branch

5th August 2002, 16:16
The link to the Alabama website is as follows:
HTH. Kesshu.

Miles Stephenso
6th August 2002, 00:01
I wish to thank every one that posted an answer to my problem and situation, I have tried for several years to find anyone, the location in Alabama is to far for me to travel to And I also spoke to the people in Alabama, but what can you say, I have to practice on my own. Thanks again, but if anybody does find out anything please do not hesitste to write me at hstephe1@bellsouth.net.

Martin Allerby
6th August 2002, 16:27
Hello Miles !

I've seen that you received a lot of answers of your question. E-budo can be great!

I'm a bit curios about one thing. If I understood you correctly, you've been practicing SK for quite while and are now practicing SK on your own.

Quote: I studied in Detroit in the late seventies and early eighties but have since moved to the Atlanta are and I have been unable to find anyone. End of Quote!

How do you manage? Are you allowed to practice with some of the Gojo-ryu-students? Do you teach them on a regular basis? Are you only working on your hokeis?

I hope you will find someone to practice with!

Best regards,

Martin Allerby, SK GBG SWEDEN

7th August 2002, 02:22
Gassho Miles,

I have 2 Kenshi in the Atlanta Area and I travel there often. Please contact me at drtodo@yahoo.com.


Dr. David C. Todd(Branch Master)
Alabama Shorinji Kempo
Birmingham Branch:)

Miles Stephenso
8th August 2002, 01:18
Several months ago a man came into our Spa and asked to put some flyers on our counter said he teaches Karate, so we spoke for a while and he said he teaches GoJo-Ryu. I said I had studdied SK for some time and have been looking for someone or someplace to get back into it he was surprised, he said he studdied nippon Sk, and asked if I would come to his dojo on his class night, and give a few demonstrations on some techniques. So as I did his students became more interested in what I was showing them. I only go there just to be around a fellow martial artist, and sometimes help his students with their techniques they are learning, so no I dont teach them SK
I try to work on my hokies at home and do all my stretching and meditation and breathing. I want to teach my young boys but at the present time they are taking tae kwon do from master Minn So Sou,
And I dont want to cunfuse them with SK at this time. I really misss the traditions I went through, and the practice with another student because you really cant get the full effect of SK just by yourself.
I just got this email from drtodo in Alabama so maybe my luck is changing Ill let you know we come up with.

25th September 2002, 19:42

A 1-kyu from our dojo in Seattle is moving to Atlanta because of his work. He seemed to be a little disappointed that he wouldn't be able to continue practicing because of the absence of a official dojo there.

Miles Stephenso
26th September 2002, 00:13
Thats great news. I have been reading these posts from everyone, and I am happy to say that even though I have been away from Practicing with fellow Sk Practitioners, after reading these posts I can see that the Spirit Lives on, and It makes me miss it even more. So please tell your Friend to contact me when he arrives in Atlanta. Maybe I can wake the sleeping spirit in me to a higher level, and Ring the bell loudly of my inner soul.
he can reach me at The Spa At Brookstone In Acworth Georgia.
Thanks Again Y"all

Gary Dolce
26th September 2002, 14:16
Mr. Stephenson,

Can you tell me more about Shorinji Kempo in the Detroit area in the late '70's/early '80's? Ever since I started teaching in Ann Arbor in 1990, I have heard rumors that Shorinji Kempo was taught in this area before. But I have never been able to substantiate those rumors and Shorinji Kempo Hombu has no record of it. I am very curious to verify what really happened here. What was the teacher's name and where was it taught? Do you what has happened to the teacher or any senior students since then? Do you have any idea where the teacher learned Shorinji Kempo?

Thank you,

11th April 2011, 12:38
I am following up on an old post, but we have a small group of Kenshi that have practiced elsewhere practicing in the Atlanta Area. For more information, please visit www.atlantashorinjikempo.org.


David Toone