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6th August 2002, 07:29
Konban wa,

If anyone knows of someone who is making good quality ninpo equipment, custom like, please drop a thread. Shuriken, bo or senban, kevlar/ light chain padded kote, things like that. Looking for high quality practical use items.

Arigato Gozaimasu,
Joseph Swartz

6th August 2002, 17:09
Most folks I know who do this sort of thing, just do one or two items. I know of a source of hanbos, for instance, made with ironwood, carved to have eight faces, giving it extra edges.

6th August 2002, 17:55
My wife and I make hanbo, jo and bo with white oak. We have an octagonal shape as well as a tear-drop shape. Nice and heavy. I know that Ed Martin with the BJK makes some really nice bokken and canes. A lot of people seem to really enjoy producing the equipment we like to play with. Good luck with the search.

Joshua Reis

George Kohler
6th August 2002, 18:24
I am moving this to the Clothing and Supplies forum.

6th August 2002, 19:23
Tim Bathurst makes fukuro shinai(katana and wakizashi), soft training hanbo, and kusai fundo. email is timbath@gol.com. I also sell them.

7th August 2002, 11:56
Bo shuriken are not that hard to make. I found this site on google that shows pictures of how to make one.

Another site that sells stuff is at www.n-i-n.com
And Janty knows a guy that can make high quality senban shuriken in stacks of 9 for only 60 dollars.

14th August 2002, 02:18
Konban wa,

I checked out the stuff Dick Severance had available. Ahh, I already got that stuff or can make it myself. :) But I would be interested in contacting to Janty or Jantys friend? on the senban shuriken, actually if he would do a set of 9 bo shuriken also that would be perfect. Please e-mail me or PM me more specifc information. josephcswartz@hotmail.com

Arigato Gozaimasu
Joseph Swartz

2nd November 2002, 16:22
I've seen shinobi-zue makde by Dick Severance and they were very top quality.
Neil Stewart

9th November 2002, 05:30
Does anyone have any idea where to find someone to make a Bisento of some sort? Would love to do some training with it.
alex bushman

Jason Chambers
19th February 2003, 00:13