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6th August 2002, 22:05
If you are an instructor (or not!)please tell us
your best/top5 movements for a dojo full of students!

Sonia Lagaxy

John Lindsey
6th August 2002, 22:34
Here is one:

Location- within 5 miles of the local school, hopefully both elementary and high school.

Mitch Saret
9th August 2002, 16:45
One of the best ways is word of mouth. To get great word of mouth going, teach phenomenal classes. For kids that means a proportional amount of of mixed in with their learning. If it's fun they want to come back. If you are using the martial arts to teach life skills. the parents want them to come back.

Another thing with kids is not to compete with their other activities, complement them. For example if a child also plays baseball during the summer offer to help the coach with a practice. Martial arts translates great to baseball. The body rotation of a punch is just like that required to hit. How about focus as a fielder? Use your imagination and you will become more valuable than "just karate."

Nicolas Caron
9th August 2002, 21:03
Referal bonus. If one of your student brings in a new student give him some goodies, like a free month or somethign like that. This way your students will bring people to try out.

16th August 2002, 04:12
A good method for tracking students; some sort of database that not only tracks payments but also progress (classes attended, last exam date etc.) There's nothing worse than when students fall through the cracks. Although retention is difficult for a dojo, a lot of dropouts are avoidable.

19th August 2002, 00:21
Just a thought;

Getting your group in the public's eye will do wonders. Walk-a-thons, fundraising for the local library, after school programs if possible. Anything to bring a positive light to your school for the public to see. Everyone wants to be a part of something positive.

1st September 2002, 14:36
...at my school sells these "weekly passes" that cost about $20/week, and at Christmas, they're $11 bucks. It's a great way to get your students to bring in their friends, etc.

Also, he runs a FREE women's self-defense course.

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