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7th August 2002, 12:36
What are the Japanese terms for:
Big Brother Big Sister
Middle Brother Middle Sister
Little Brother Little Sister
Don't need the Kanji, pronounciations and spellings would be great. I checked into a couple of sites to try to find out on my own but they were all Kanji sites.

Thank you.

Adam Young
7th August 2002, 17:54
big brother - oniisan
big sister - oneesan

little brother - ototo
little sister - imoto

There is (in modern Japanese) no word for either middle sister or middle brother. Instead, people use the rank of birth, as below:

oldest san - chounan
next oldest son - jinan

oldest daughter - choujo
next oldest daughter - jijo

Adam DArcy
13th August 2002, 18:13
I thought I would mention also that there are terms beyond Chounan, jinan, choujo, jijo - you can keep going - Sanjo (third girl), Sannan (third boy), etc. Uhm, don't ask me what 4th in line is (shinan? yonnan? probably "yon" for obvious reasons...I don't have any Japanese friends who have 4+ kids.)