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12th August 2000, 20:47
One of my students found this book. It is written in Japanese and I have no idea what it says. I figured out it is about Goju Ryu because it has pics of Gogen Yamaguchi and Miyagi Chojun. This was made after the death of Miyagi Chogun since it had the year of birth and death. The book has diagrams of kata.

I have been busy for a while, but here is the cover.



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13th August 2000, 05:45

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22nd September 2000, 20:16
I finally posted the picture of the cover. Can anybody help me?

Todd Schweinhart
23rd September 2000, 06:06
Mr. Sammycerv,
Just a quick note...The title of the book is Karate Do Kyohan. Essentially, this means "a teaching example of karate." The author listed on the front is hard to read but the last name of the person is definately Yamaguchi. Perhaps this is a book by Gogen "the cat" Yamaguchi. I hope this helps.
Todd Schweinhart

23rd September 2000, 21:10
Thanks Todd,

Yes, the is a picture of Yamaguchi in the book. I guess its a Japanese Goju book.

Has anyone else seen this book before? Is there an English version?