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8th August 2002, 01:20
Dear folks,

Wondering if anyone can help me? A colleague of mine here in Brisbane is trying to track down information on turn-of-the-century Ju-jutsu teacher, Fukushima Ryugoro. All we know for sure is that he taught 13 years at Hagiwara's school, 8 years at the Kotobuki Police Station in Yokohama, and came to Sydney 1906 with Ogura Jinkichi, to introduce Ju-jutsu.

Can anyone help me?


Patrick McCarthy

Paul Steadman
13th August 2002, 03:19
Dear McCarthy-Sensei,

The following information may be of some assistance and interest:

"[The]Mercury Jujutsu club was founded in 1938 by the late Mr Len Noyes, who was the Australian wrestling champion in 1936, and who met the late Mr Rugoro Fukushima, a Japanese jujutsu exponent and wrestler who was touring Australia at the time with a group of circus performers and wrestlers. Mr Fukushima graded Mr Len Noyes to black belt in jujutsu [exact rank designation & ryu/dojo unknown, but would be stated on any existing meisho, menjo or densho etc awarded to Mr Len Noyes]. Mr Len Noyes then graded Mr Wally Brown to black belt in jujutsu. Mr Fukushima travelled throughout Australia and later New Zealand, where he married and lived for some time, and he eventually dided and is buried in a cemetery in Rotorura."

.....Pat Harrington p-16 "The Principles of Jujutsu," Harrington & Huxley 1997 ISBN 0646320181

I understand that it was rumoured that Mr Fukushima may have been a member of either the Tenjin Shinyo-ryu or Sosuishi-ryu schools of jujutsu. I believe that subsequent research done at the Kodokan & a koryu dojo in Japan [and naybe at the Budokan?] found that Mr Fukushima was definitely not a member of or graded in Sosuishi-ryu jujutsu.

I would be happy to mail to you photo-copies of further information and details. In the mean while you may like to contact Mr Philip Hinshelwood of Yagyu Shingan-ryu Chikuosha Heiho-jutsu and Ms Pat Harrington of Sosuishi-ryu Bujutsu for more authoritive information on the history of Mr Ryugoro Fukushima and the Australian Jujutsu Federation (formerly Australian Society of Ju-jitsuans Inc).

Hope the above helps, please leave a PM here at e-budo or e-mail me at acjca@telstra.com for further details. Hope to speak with you soon (maybe at your Newcastle NSW seminar!). Best regards.


Paul Steadman

Australian Koryu Bujutsu Federation (http://au.geocities.com/koryunet)

16th August 2002, 21:46
Dear Paul,

Apologies for the late reply. Your response is exactly what I was looking for. Perhaps, through this, I may be able to get a little closer to traking down the original ju-jutsu style on behalf of my colleague, Roger Quick.

Even though I am obviously not a relative, if I only knew where he was from I could check the koseki shohon (family register).

I'll look forward to catching up with you in New Castle.

Thanks for your assistance