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14th August 2002, 19:42
Just a last follow up on my search for a jujutsu school in Dallas...I didnt' find jujutsu that appealed to me, but I found something I'm enjoying even better...ninjutsu. I've been going to Ralph Severe's Art of Combat Academy (http://www.artofcombat.com) and thoroughly enjoying it. Below is a note I sent to Mr. Severe this morning, thought it gave some good insights on the school. If anyone's in the Dallas area, come by and check it out. Thanks for all the help you provided and the recommendation to check out this dojo.


> Sir, I just wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback on
> Mostly because I didn't get to give you a full answer when you asked
> what my wife thought of our training.
> One of the things that she spoke about was the "spirit" of the
> (my word, not hers). How you interacted with the students and how
> responded to the training and teaching was very obvious to her. She
> highly impressed with that and appreciated the raport between you and
> the students and between the students themselves.
> This is probably the thing I find I enjoy most about training at the
> academy. Your approach to teaching...the "playfulness" you establish
> some of the things we do, the focus on "living" a technique versus
> "learning" a technique (I should stop calling them "techniques", but
> you know what I mean), and the way knowledge is transfered (by
> from yourself and/or senior students, ensuring we understand, then
> application) is very impressive and obvious even to someone (my wife)
> who's got almost no experience with martial arts.
> Anyway, I've been wanting to let you know how much I enjoy training
> again and how fortunate I believe I am to have found your school. I
> look forward to the limited time I have to train.
> Oh, and I can't forget to mention the senior students. I've never
> a school (and I've seen A LOT) where EVERY single senior student
> enjoys, not just tolerates, but truly cares about helping the new
> students and other juniors. Its very impressive, particularly given
> they're all fairly young. You have a fine group of men and women all
> leading by example.
> Oh, I should also not forget to mention that I find the techniques
> (darnit, there's that word again)....let's say I find the approach to
> dealing with conflict to be amazingly effective. I'm constantly
> impressed by the abilites of the senior students and I love learning
> this stuff.
> Anyway, that's enough of a love-fest. But I wanted to take a moment
> let you know how much I appreciate being able to train at the academy
> and how much I enjoy it. You're doing a great job.