View Full Version : Lets put the fun back into fundoshi

John Lindsey
15th August 2002, 22:13
This site is dedicated to the preservation of the fundoshi in Japanese culture.


This part tells you how to wear one style of fundoshi. Now you know why samurai never had dingle berries....

John Lindsey
15th August 2002, 22:14
A few pics

John Lindsey
15th August 2002, 22:16
From the same site:

A right photograph is the package of the sweets.The picture of the samurai who tightened Fundosh is being drawn in the package of these sweets.This is the tradition culture of important Japan lasting for no less than more than eighty years.A samurai takes out hips, and shows Fundoshi.This figure is an ordinary figure for the Japanese.But, an American after World War II is interfering.As for that reason, it is no good to take out ?u hips.It was the thing of ?v that shorts should be worn.The image of Fundoshi gets poor by the interference pressure from the foreign country, and there is a cause decreasing rapidly.

John Lindsey
15th August 2002, 22:18
Kuroneko Fundoshi for swimming use

15th August 2002, 22:37
Who says men can't wear 'thongs' (AKA butt floss)?

Is there any strategic advantage to wearing a fundoshi?
By the way, I love the 'Engrish' in the above photo.
"Those damn foreigners are interferring with our Fundoshi fun again!"

21st August 2002, 16:59
Is there any strategic advantage to wearing a fundoshi?

Yup. They can be tightened to a jockstrap-like level of support quickly and easily or loosened as neccesary. They provide a lot of freedom for the legs and are cool. I wear them (Etchuu fundoshi) occasionally for training. They are a blessing in this hellish heat down here, and once the wife gets done laughing, they're not bad at all ;)

I saw this site quite a while back. I see the Engrish is as funny as ever.