View Full Version : Permissions for posting new threads

17th August 2002, 19:39
Anybody know what controls permissions for posting new threads in a forum?

I tried to start a new thread in Bad Budo but it says I don't have permissions to access that page. Clearly I was able to post this one, so it appears to be specific to certain forums.

Do I need to get permission from the moderator or something? I've started new threads there before and it worked then...

Thanks in advance,


John Lindsey
17th August 2002, 20:40
You cannot post a new thread in Bad Budo. If you think you have a subject for Bad Budo, post in in Baf Budo first. Then, a moderator can move it. This way, bad budo has to be earned by reader feedback and examination on the facts. Some people were also getting upset when their art was put into bad budo, but it turned out to be not so bad budo, or bad taste budo, etc.

17th August 2002, 22:08
Thanks John.