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Gary Dolce
14th August 2000, 02:23

This could go in the "teaching children thread" but I wanted to put it in a new one to ensure that more people see it.

The current issue of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts (Vol. 9, No. 2, 2000 - no other date given), contains an excellant article on teaching Shorinji Kempo to children (although I think a lot could also be applied to adults). I'm not sure how widely the Journal is available - in the US you can find it at Borders Books. You can also get it through the publisher's website:


The article is written by Sakuyama Sensei of Takahagi Doin in Japan. I first met Sakuyama Sensei in 1985, and even though the total amount of time I have spent with him over the years has been small, he has had a profound influence on my understanding of Shorinji Kempo techniques, of Kongo Zen, and of myself. He is a remarkable teacher and person.

The article, entitled "Kon and Haku: The Spirit of Heaven and Earth in Children", describes Sakuyama Sensei's views of how children develop "heart" and how teachers need to connect with children by teaching from the "heart". I don't currently teach children's classes, but as a parent I see a lot of truth in the article and I think the concepts provide insights into teaching anyone. I strongly recommend it.

Robert Liljeblad
15th August 2000, 09:31

Thanks for a great advice. I was at the site and orderd a copy of the magazine.


Robert Persson