View Full Version : Bruce Lee Death Conspiracy

UK Phooey
22nd August 2002, 09:17
I don't really follow martial arts in the media so don't really know too much about Bruce Lee.

In a short discussion with someone recently they suggestion there was a big conspiracy regarding the death of Bruce Lee.

Is there any truth to this os was their nothing suspicious at all?

22nd August 2002, 14:54
Bruce Lee died because he did not take care of himself properly. He overworked himself and allowed his weight and health to go down to a dangerous point. In my mind, this is one of the reasons he should not be called a master: he knew how to take care of himself, and he did not.

My own Chinese MA teacher also believes Lee's use of electrical stimulation for muscle building, disrupted the qi in his body, further threatening his health.

22nd August 2002, 15:15
Laotse, very interesting view! Qi disruption eh? Sort of like giving yourself the delayed death touch...Jon Gillespie

22nd August 2002, 19:39
Yes. My chiropractor used to favor "e-stim" for relaxing cramped muscles, but he is cutting back because he too fears it disrupts the body's natural electrical system. Now he only uses it for extreme cases.