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Ron Tisdale
27th August 2002, 19:12
Hi all,

I don't post here much, so just let me know if there is a better place to post this...

I've lately taken to watching a rather campy show (I think its hillarious and I love it) called the blind swordsman on IFC. Does anyone else watch this (and are you willing to admit it?), and does anyone know about the history of this show?

Ron Tisdale

27th August 2002, 20:39
Are you talking about the "Zatoichi" series? If so I have not seen one yet...but would like to. Has anyone seen any of the Shinobi no mono episodes before? If so, how are they? Jon Gillespie

Ron Tisdale
30th August 2002, 18:25
Yep, thats the one...I can't wait for saturdays now...I think they're very entertaining.


30th August 2002, 20:24
I saw and own the the 2 first Shinobi no mono in DVD, i think the first one is the best, but i recently get the Owls Castle, made in 1999 in Japand and won the #1 japan office for the FX, a must see movie, and in 2 week ill get the new ninja movie from japan Aka Kage (Red Shadow) who i think will be very hot and traditional as Owls Castle, and for the Zatoichi serie, inever seen any, but i saw it to sell,it is not publicity, only info to see what they can be look there at the end of the page.


Peace ;)