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Eric Ling
14th August 2000, 23:01
Greetings all

I am planning to live and work in Japan for a couple of years and would be grateful for any info regarding koryu in Kyoto and Nara - which ryuha are based/taught in or near those cities and anyone's experience of training there would be most welcome.

Many thanks


15th August 2000, 15:03
Go to the website
yoshioka.html (you'll have to type all this into the window)
as it has many instructors listed. One is the following:
Rank :
8th Dan, Hanshi
Affiliation :
Zennippon Iaidô Renmei, Kinki Chiku Iaidô Renmei
Student of Ikeda Sensei, Ôsaka
Address :
Nara Ryűshinkan
Training :
probably of no interest
There is another site that has a listing of a large amount of teachers.
artofthesword.html (you'll have to type all this into the window)

That's all I know of. I found these on a search I did myself. Next time all you have to do is go to yahoo and put in a sword form and you can get many websites in Japan as well. That's all that I did.

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15th August 2000, 16:46
What kind of koryu are you looking for? Sogo Budo/Bujutsu or also a "single" Budo or Bujutsu. In Kyoto for example you can study Hoki Ryu and also Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu at the Butokuden (Kyoto Budo Center, close to the Heian Shrine).

What do you mean with "a couple of years"? Two years, three years, more...?? Sometimes it's not so easy to be accepted as a novice if you are "just" one or two years in town. But it depends on the teacher and the art.

Best regards

Ruediger Meier

Eric Ling
16th August 2000, 10:42
Lance and Ruediger

Thanks for your help guys. I'm hoping to go to Japan on the JET program in a year's time and am trying to decide between Kyoto and Nara - hence my enquiries. Ruediger, I intend a minimum of 2 years; if however I did find myself totally immersed in a koryu then that time would be extended indefintely. I'm really just trying to find out what's around generally rather than limit myself to a specific type of koryu, but I would say that I'm more interested in, say, a sword art than a sogo bujutsu.

Once again, thanks for getting back to me.

All the best


16th August 2000, 16:32
That's crazy dude, I plan to head over there too once I get my degree although I will apply next year. That's cool keep in touch. Maybe I'll see you there Eric. E-mail me sometime.