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29th August 2002, 15:10
I've been seeing some things about Kyusho in the web and I found 2 videos that let me somewhat confused!
I saw a man putting another unconscient without touching him!
The url's for these videos are http://www.kyushoworld.net/videos/MVC-376W.MPG and http://www.kyushoworld.net/videos/no%20touch%20Robert.mpeg

How is it done? I'm sure it requires lot's of practice and knowledge...
I've already seen it in TV, but in this case it was a priest making this to his believers in order to release them from the "evil" in them!
Kyusho is related with the study of pressure points right?

29th August 2002, 17:11
Exposing Self Defence Slight Of Hand And Trickery Darren Laur January 28, 2002

I'm sorry to have to send you off site but I don't know if he posted this essay on e-budo...


this is a touchy topic (:)) so don't get hot and bothered. "Yes it works" and "no it doesn't" are both accepted here...stick to facts as you see them, not personal attacks or vendettas.

Goju Man
29th August 2002, 20:56
Filipe, pressure points and the like do exist. There are several points that are used in many locks in grappling that ADD to the pain of an allready painful lock. There are other points that can be used similarly, (usually in a close in or grappling situation). Besides the throat, groin, eyes and such places, there are people preaching these simple "touch" knockouts ala George Dillman. These may or may not work on a perfectly still, cooperating opponent. The very same ones claim to be able to pull that off in an actual combat application. I haven't seen it yet nor has it been actually proven. In many fighting arenas like nhb, kyokushin and others, it is permitted. I've never heard of it actually working. The people that are usually into that are out of shape, seriously lacking in skill and looking for a "secret" or short cut to avoid the hard training that the arts involve. Take a look at a Dillman video and see the people who are there. Even if those techniques actuaaly worked, you would have to be both a VERY highly skilled martial artist and fight the paperboy from down the block who is ten years old.;)

29th August 2002, 21:10
Target selection.

Goju Man
30th August 2002, 01:22
That's right Ed. The problem with many kyoshu maniacs is this. Most of these points are about an inch or so maybe two. If you have a karateka who can't hit the head consistently, (which is way larger than the kyosho points), how can you expect to hit a much smaller target which has more restrictive angles of attack? It's a dream.

30th August 2002, 11:16
Hi, Ted,
Yes, he did post it here with additional commentary. I think it can be found in the Lounge or in Bad Budo.


30th August 2002, 12:36
"I saw a man putting another unconscient without touching him!"

Why worry about hitting the target, if you can do it without even touching the guy :-)

Ari Lappinen

X-1 Falcon
30th August 2002, 13:11
Can you imagin trying to stop some bad guy from gutting you, I don't believe he will hold still and stand there long enough for you to "Chi" him out.:rolleyes:

Goju Man
31st August 2002, 02:19
If you have some bad breath, you simply kiai him to death!:D

31st August 2002, 05:03
X-1 Falcon wrote:

"Can you imagin trying to stop some bad guy from gutting you, I don't believe he will hold still and stand there long enough for you to "Chi" him out."

Yes of course I can imagine this, but I'll be more than happy to let someone else try it for real :-)

Ari Lappinen