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Budoka 34
30th August 2002, 11:46
I was wondering if anyone has any regular chat times. If not I would like to set some up. I'm interested in talking with other Karateka about style differences and training methods etc.
I'm here(e-budo) most days 6:30am est/US. and 2:00pm est/US.

X-1 Falcon
30th August 2002, 13:32
Nothing much going on up there in Henderson County eh?;)

I'm on and off all day, I do technical support so I'm in and out of e-budo often.

Budoka 34
30th August 2002, 18:41
It's worse than that, I'm in Buncombe Co.!:D
I just don't seem to have as much fun on the boards lately.:D

I'll keep an eye out for ya. If you have any particular times let me know.

1st September 2002, 09:01
Perhaps you could post when you are there, and for how long, and keep the window open. Another way is to send PMs or email to say you're on to a group of people. The Chat I think is still in "beta" more or less.


Ron Rompen
1st September 2002, 14:42
Its' Sunday, about 1045 a.m. EST, and I'm in the chat room for a while, if anyone wants to drop in and say hello

X-1 Falcon
10th September 2002, 19:03
I think my compaies firewall keeps me from connecting.

I may try from home later.