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Michael Clarke
2nd September 2002, 13:22
This question is aimed at those who teach.

I was just wondering how people become members of a dojo these days?
To give you an example, I'll explain how things work at my dojo.

First of all my dojo is part of my home, so I don't get 'passing trade'. And as I don't advertise (except for two lines in the yellow pages), the prospective new member starts by making a phone call. During the conversation I find out about their age, fitness level, experience in martial arts, if they have a family or not, if they are working etc.
Then I ask them what their motive is for training in karatedo?
After that I give them the phone numbers of two or three different dojo around town and ask them (if they haven't already) to talk to them.
If their still keen to train the way I teach, I invite them to the dojo on a one month trial, so that they can have a try, and I can get a handle on their character. If at the end of the month I like them, and if they want to continue, they then become members of the dojo.

I suspect this might seem a bit long winded to many, but I find it keeps those who want something other than what I have to offer, out of my dojo and my life, and allows me to help those students who are keen to learn the traditional system I teach.
And yes your right. The membership is small, just as it ought to be in a traditional dojo.

Look forward to your comments.
Peace and love to all.
Mike Clarke

2nd September 2002, 14:02

We have beginners courses twice a year, about three months each. Those who complete the course and want to continue training with us, then become members.

Nuthin' fancy :-)


Ari Lappinen

Harry Cook
2nd September 2002, 15:08
Usually through personnal contact with existing members, although sometimes people contact me at home. This second group usually have previous experience of training in one style or another and know that I have a dojo in the area. usually the students are self selective. If they like the way we train then they stay, if they don't then....
Harry Cook

Ron Rompen
2nd September 2002, 21:06
Please note that I am speaking only from personal experience, and NOT for my sensei:

I started in our dojo because I drove past it every morning and afternoon, and it was only 5 minutes from home (well, it was before I moved, but thats a different story). So in my case, I guess you'd call me the 'walk-by' trade.

I also know of a few people that joined after being convinced by friends or family members.

Our dojo is in a suburban area, in a small minimall. Not a lot of direct competition in the area, so some of the students we get are 'by default'.

And some of the best are there because they CHOOSE to study there rather than somewhere else. Probably the best recommendation that anyone could give.

3rd September 2002, 13:54
When a new person shows up, not only are they looking to see if they like us, we are evaluating them as a potential member.

Up until they recieve their first rank, they are considered probationary members.

5th September 2002, 06:28
At the university that I teach at, the membership is open to all of the students. They come in for a few practice lessons and then decide if they want to join. After that there are a few rules that they must follow and they get so many chances before they are asked to leave the membership.

As for the dojo that I go to for my own practice I went in and asked if it was alright to train there and after I showed my credentials I was allowed to train there. As for the beginner, I guess they go in for a few lessons and then they decide or their parents do.