View Full Version : What is this exercise called?

the Khazar Kid
2nd September 2002, 19:31
The cat stretch/pushups are "dands", and the regular "Indian Squat" swinging the arms and coming straight up on the toes are "bethaks", but there is another kind of squat from India that involves squatting hands and feet on the ground and finishes straightening one's legs up head touching one's legs and pointing toward the ground. What is this called? Is it another kind of "bethak" or does it have a different name?

Jesse Peters

11th September 2002, 04:53
I believe in english they are referred to as "Boot Strappers", I don't know what they would be called in hindi or sanskrit.

the Khazar Kid
16th December 2002, 04:58

Those three exercises form the bulk of my exercise program right now. The "Boot Strappers" I learned in a Yoga class, the other two I learned before that from articles. Supposedly the "Boot Strappers" are based on the 54 kinds of alloys in alchemy path of enlightenment, if you can do 54 at a time you achieve enlightenment. For more on Indian alchemy see: www.levity.com/alchemy/indian_a.html

The Yoga class was mostly older women, so this seemed like quite an impossible feat. Very flexible touchy-feely New Age older women in tights. Seem kind of like Tantric Yoga to me, though it probably wasn't supposed to!

I regularly do 60 alchemical boot strappers before my karate classes at the dojo! I don't feel particularly enlightened yet though.

Jesse Peters