View Full Version : Jujutsu Forum needs more

3rd September 2002, 08:48
Hello to all Jujutsu Artists.
I was wondering how come the Jujutsu section of e-budo forum seems not as much active as other sections.

Come on Jujutsu People come and boast about your beautifull and super effective Samurai Art of Classical Jujutsu. Curently the Ninja guys are ruling over Samurai on E-budo land. :cry: lol (just a joke).

Lets get revenge! :saw: (lol) Who will be Shogun first? The first one to come up with at least 2 very interesting Jujutsu threads will get to be Shogun :nw: untill another Samurai Jujutsu-ka will challange for Shogun honors with better more interesting threads than the previus. lol