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5th September 2002, 08:49
I am curious, could anyone tell me anything About Koryu Ryuha that have Tessen Jutsu as part of their curriculum?

I have learned so far that it is included in -

1. Yagyu Shingan Ryu

2. Takanouchi Ryu

3. Araki Ryu

Can anyone elaborate on this, i am also keen to find some resources that deal with the subject. Any information would be appreciated.


Don Cunningham
6th September 2002, 14:53
I cover tessen-jutsu in my book, Secret Weapons of Jujutsu. The paperback edition by Charles Tuttle Publishing is available in most bookstores, although I've heard they have nearly sold the entire first printing. There are a few hardcover editions still available through my website, eBudostore.com (http://www.ebudostore.com)

Richard Elias
6th September 2002, 18:07
Yanagi ryu also has tessen and jutte and have just completed a video that includes both.

We just got them in on Wednesday from the duplicator, turned out pretty nice.

You can get the video through Bugei.

12th September 2002, 07:14
Rich doesnít lie. Just saw the video and it is quite nice. Not as expansive as K4, but interesting as always.

Rich, John, and Joe rock! :D

(now whereís my five bucks guys :eek: )

Richard Elias
12th September 2002, 18:31
You received your five bucks by the special "preferred customer" rate I was able to arrange for you through my connection to the owner of the Dragon Video Library. Normally you only get that rate when attending a seminar, but we made an exception for you since you are sensei Yamamotoís bitc- err, umÖ close friend.

12th September 2002, 20:40
How long is the video and does it cover tessen and jutte as one subject or as seperate subjects?

Ed Spearline

Richard Elias
12th September 2002, 23:23
The video is approximately 1 hour, divided into two parts. The first half is on tessen and the second on jutte, each with a little history, basics, and a series of techniques.

12th September 2002, 23:34
Iíd time it a little closer to 45 min. (thatís what my VCR counter read) I would say itís quite worth wile especially considering that this is some of the only info available devoted to the subject.

For those interested in the subject; this video, Donís book mentioned above, and perhaps Angier senseiís Tanto tape would be a great intro to the use of small weapons in jujutsu and aiki type arts.