View Full Version : Iaido Video Wanted

16th August 2000, 10:02
Does your school produce it's own training videos ?
I am especially interested in obtaining Iai and related subjects (Bokken, Kenjutsu, etc.) Also, I am interested in the "out-takes" "bloopers" of such videos. These will be for my private collection and not to be re-sold.
How many commercially produced videos do you have sitting on the shelf not being used ? Let me know what you have and how much.


19th August 2000, 09:47
This is a great idea, Rambob, but first, a little policy business: Please sign all posts with your full name. You can configure the signature box to do this, and set your prefs for signature.

Out takes would be great! Has anyone else had this to laugh about after a long day of shooting (pictures)? Problem is, I don't even own one, but that shouldn't stop me from acquiring tapes as such. How about others?:laugh:

19th August 2000, 12:40
Sorry 'bout that !
I failed to engage the signature block.
Thank You,