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11th September 2002, 02:30
I would like to be able to put my judogis in the dryer so that I don't have to worry whether or not it will be dry in time for practice. So I was wondering:

1. How much bigger should I buy my judogi? If I put it in the dryer, will it shrink one size, two sizes?
2. Will it shrink uniformly, or will it shrink more/less in length than width?
3. Does any one know which will shrink more, a single weave or a double weave?


11th September 2002, 03:07
I can only speak from my own experiences, but when I bought my last BJJ "kimono", I only bought one size larger, and that was fine. In fact, perhaps the bottoms didn't shrink quite enough! However, it did shrink basically uniformly.

As for single weave vs. double weave, couldn't say myself.


Don Cunningham
11th September 2002, 15:46
The really frustrating part of using a dryer is that judogi will continue to shrink each time you wash it. I start out with a size 6, which is way too large, and after a few months it will begin to fit. A few months more, though, and it shrinks too small.

When I was younger and worked out more frequently, the judogi would usually rip to shreds before the shrinkage became much of a problem. Now that I am basically just coaching judo, I get longer wear and have to deal with shrinkage.

I've found the cheaper judogi tend to shrink much more than the more expensive ones, but I don't know if the extra cost is worth it.

What really bothers me is how much my belt has seemed to shrink over the years and I never wash it. :D

12th September 2002, 03:05
Hi Don,

Some of us reduced to instructing/coaching constantly complain about shrinking uniforms. Only recently did we understand that the uniform was not shrinking, we were expanding. This usually happens after 50 and serious injury. I know, I qualify on both counts!

So stop blaming the dryer! (lol)

All the best!
Tom Militello