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J. Ribot
16th August 2000, 16:15
Hello to all,

I'm trying to compile some information on Iai and it's origins. As far as I can attain , iai's origins date back approximately 450 years ago. It seems a warrior by the name of Hayashizaki Jinsuke minamoto-no-Shigenobu is credited with it's foundation. AS the story would have it , Hayashizaki's father was killed when the former was just a young boy. It is said that Hayashizaki pledged to avenge his fathers death. He made this pledge to the diety of Shinmei Shinto shrine. The story also states ,that having avenged his father's death many years later, Hayashizaki was granted the art of Iai from the diety of Hiyoshi shinto shrine.

Can any one add some input or shed some light on this information?

Thank You,
J. Ribot

16th August 2000, 18:35
I don't recall the entire story, but what you cite is close to what I remember. Hayashizaki supposedly "meditated" for many days before receiving the help of the kami. The Shinto shrine where he supposedly received his divine transmission was rededicated (I think in the 1920s or so) when Hayashizaki was deified, and renamed "Hayashizaki Iai Jinja" and I think the formal name is "Nippon Issha Hayashizaki Iai Jinja" meaning "The Only Iai Shrine in Japan, Hayashizaki Shrine" --

It is still there -- In Kamimura (I think) Town, Yamagata Pref.

By the way, Katori Shinto Ryu is documented as being older.


31st August 2000, 11:38
You can find some good info on this link: