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16th August 2000, 18:15
Can anybody help me as either later on this year or early next i am going over to the States to visit my Father who has just moved over there with my Step Mother. Who is American so i will be looking to try out some Judo clubs in Arkansas, around the Johnsbourgh(i hope i spelt it correct) area. If any one could help i would very much appreciate it.

many thanks

17th August 2000, 09:33
Hi, Darren,
I found this judo club listing through judo USA. This comes from Alta Vista search engine. The site is located at http://www.judoweb.com/JudoClubsUSA/JudoAR.html#Judo%20Clubs%20in%20Arkansas .It is Olympic Judo Club
Sensei: Glen A. Renken, PO Box 1138 Jonesboro, AR 72403.

Tel: (501) 931-7110--Kristy Davis.

This was the only one listed so get in touch as soon as possible. Judo dojo have a tendency to change locations. For other towns in Arkansas, click on the link above. Good luck!