View Full Version : japanese treasures problems?

20th September 2002, 06:49
Does any one know if mark breetch is allright? it would seem to me that when you have a business then the customers would be the top concern, but I and my friend have placed an order with the japanese treasures company over six months ago and still havent recived any items!! in fact it seems that I absolutely cannot reach this man and he wont respond to any emails if anyone knows how to reach him please let me know, or if anyone can reach him please do so and tell him his customers are waiting but please dont ignore us.

again I would like to say, if you can reach him tell him he does have customers whose orders are paid in full and waiting for goods to be delivered.

John Lindsey
20th September 2002, 12:35
Hello, He has not been online here in a few months. Even if he just logged in without posting, the software would note that. So, I think something is up. That is why I took down his store.