View Full Version : Where Is Steven Seagal Nowadays?

Jason Chambers
17th August 2000, 17:47
ANy of the Aikidoka here know anything of Mr. Seagal's whereabouts or current activities?

He was a extremely big push for Japanese martial arts, at least here in Louisiana, when he was active in films. Just wondering what has happened to him.

Joseph Svinth
17th August 2000, 20:30
Try the keyword search "Steven Seagal" on Google -- it brings up hundreds of sites, and I'm not masochistic enough to go through them all.

For those wondering about the official status of Tulku, though, the Lama's statement appears at http://www.palyul.org/statement.html

For his films, Amazon.com is a good place to start for reviews.

Justin Campbell
17th August 2000, 23:02
Check with the Makoto Dojo in Ventura, CA. It is run by Reynosa Sensei (Shihan Seagal's senior student). http://www.makotodojo.com/

20th August 2000, 23:14
Funny you should have mentioned this..
If people would like to take a look at: http://www.greenearth.com/makotodojo/demo.jsp they'll see a link to online learning for Aikido!!
I haven't been able to view the clip as yet - I've only just seen the site, and don't have time to download Java right this minute - but in my (albeit limitied) experience studying Aikido, the feeling of being uke for a technique cannot be replaced - it's an integral part of the learning process..
I'll look at the clip tomorrow, but I'd be very interested in other people's opinions in the meantime...


Kevin Myers
29th August 2000, 19:24
Last I read he was off making a couple of new movies. Whatever he's doing I'm willing to bet he's making more money than the rest of us.

Russ Qureshi
30th August 2000, 17:46
I heard most recently that he was in Toronto filming a movie called "Exit Wounds" (snicker,). I'll bet it's released straight to video. (and I'll probably rent it anyway!)


Mike Collins
31st August 2000, 17:55
Let's all be a bit more respectful of Takemichi Shihan Tulku.

He has made some fun movies for Aikidoists to watch. (Could stand some acting lessons, and an ego trim, though).

I wish he'd make one showing the training and improving process more.

Justin Campbell
31st August 2000, 19:03
From what I have heard... Seagal Sensei had to do the Direct to video films to get out of a movie contract... perhaps with WB.

Can't wait to see his next major film... I happen to enjoy his movies.

Kevin Myers
31st August 2000, 19:32

I'm with you, I can't wait to see his new movies and hope they kick some A**! His on screen presence and his fights are 100 times better than what the other action stars put out.