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23rd September 2002, 20:27

Hello out there. I was reading the thread by Sammy Briggs, "New Shorinji Kempo Article" and he mentioned about the SKNA mailing list. Does that stand for Shorinji Kempo North America? I'm a member of the Seattle Branch and would be interested in knowing about upcoming events or Shorinji Kempo related topics. So, if any one knows about this subject or how to get your e-mail address added onto the list, please let me know.

Thanks alot


Gary Dolce
23rd September 2002, 20:46
The mailing list is maintained by Yoshi Karahashi of the San Francisco Branch. Yoshi posts here, but he has been out of the country so he may not have seen this meassage yet. But when he does, I am sure he will give you more information. You might also check with Seattle Kenshi who are already on the list.

Sammy Briggs
28th September 2002, 06:27
Dolce Sensei,

Thank you for replying to Dan Norris' question, which I believe was originally directed at me in my previous post.

Sorry for not responding sooner Dan. Been away from the computer for a bit. Yoshi is a great guy and should be happy to set you up when he has the time.

Sammy Briggs

12th October 2002, 07:32
Hello there,

Regarding the SKNA e-mail list, please send me a private message if you like to know more.... or like Dolce-sensei said, you should be able to get info by talking with your fellow Seattle kenshi (including the branch master) who are already on the e-mail list.

On a public forum like e-budo, this is all I'd like to say...