View Full Version : Budo Fun #42

John Lindsey
25th September 2002, 00:23
What I fear most is an attack by koga-ryu ninja against e-budo HQ. Luckily, their parents don't let them stay out late at night...

25th September 2002, 00:32
That looks like Mini-Me standing on the table. :D

25th September 2002, 04:56
They all look like Mini-Me

26th September 2002, 20:26
Things started to get a little crazy at Andersen's Houston office last December during the all night Enron document-shredding session. Especially when the Japanese interns got hold of the espresso machine and Krispy Kremes in the break room.

27th September 2002, 23:23
Good grief.. Attack of the Ashida Kim mini-me clones.

Cally Malone
10th October 2002, 06:05
I am Ashida Kim, professional soldier and fighter.

I come from the nowhere, I go to the no place.

Beware all those who would mock me, for my astral spies are everywhere and shall take their vengeance upon your unfortunate selves.

Observe an example of what your fate may be.

(Note: none of these ninjas have anything to do with me. I did not train them, hire them, or ask that they cause any murder(s) shown in this photo as seen, so I am in no way directly or indirectly related to these miniature ninja mockeries. But it is a fine example of my power, so be warned. Come to my website and buy my books, too.)

15th October 2002, 23:31
Is the Black guy at the front Ronald Duncan ???

and he looked so much taller in my old copies of NINJA magazine.

Craig Guest