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25th September 2002, 02:18
I'm looking for informatin and/or pictures on the following weapons:

Gekken (described as a polearm with a half-moon blade)

An data on non-spear polearms

Japanese siege weapons, including ballistae, catapults, and cannon

Japanese/Okinawan flails, such as the Daijo, Gekigan, Kururi, Suruchin, and Uchibo.

Axes such as the Fuetsu, Akufu, and Raifu.

Kama variants such as the Rokushaku Kama and Jingama.

Te Gi (a type of iron maced carried by police)

Knuckledusters such as the Bankokuchoki, Chinte, Shuchu, and Tatsuko.

Variant names of caltrops in Japan.

Hair pins and spikes such as the Ji-Kuwa.

Slings such as the Furizunbai, Bunyari, and Zunbai.

"Mancatcher" polearms such as the Sasumata, Sasumata-Yari, Sode-Garami, Tsukubo, and Yogara Mogara (also called Mojiri).

Fishing spears such as the Chishima Yari, Mori, and Puku.

Tridents such as the Magari Yari, Sanko Geki, and Tuja.

Staves and sticks such as the Datotsubo, Furibo, Ishibo, Kanabo/Konsaibo, Nyoibo, Sekibo, and Takebo.

Thanks for any information,

K. Straight