View Full Version : The perils of posting on a Public Forum

Tripitaka of AA
3rd October 2002, 01:52
Anyone can read it.

The one person that you are aiming the comment at... but also untold numbers of curious people who will then go on to form opinions about you, the subject, the person you are addressing, the attitudes of Kenshi in general and the philosophy of Shorinji Kempo as a whole.

On the whole this remains one of the most intelligent, friendly and constructive forums of any that I have read. You do not need to look far on the internet to find frivolous people picking fights with each other and "flaming" or "trolling" noticeboards in order to gain satisfaction by stirring up emotions. This one seems to be frequented by people (predominantly practising Kenshi, but with a few notable exceptions) who share a passion for a way of life that has altered their lives. People who have made friends across the world with similarly minded, honest, hard-working individuals who want to make a better world starting right here and now.

It is difficult sometimes when using a public forum to create discussions, to bear in mind the potential effect on the audience. Even the simplest comments can be misconstrued and misunderstood when you can't see the other persons expression (hence the common use of :) :( ;) :p to suggest the writer's mood). There are times when writers should be prepared to select Email as an option to replace Posting a Reply.

I'd like to thank Anders for doing an excellent job in Moderating this NB. He has (I think) managed to catch stray threads and remove inappropriate posts with a fair-minded and quick response.

Does this sound condescending or patronising. I'm sorry. I just enjoyed reading the long threads that have been on here.

Enjoy your Kempo. Enjoy your life. Enjoy this NB.