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4th October 2002, 11:03
I have recently started practising Reiki, getting my practice in an Aikido dojo, albeit not just with aikidoka.
Has anyone out there integrated Reiki with their martial arts training, and if so, how has it benefitted them?

Patrick Breheny

17th October 2002, 05:02
I use Reiki all the time as well as other forms of Qigong/energy techniques, particularly for injuries and students/family members going through surgery. I work on them pre and post surgery and recovery time/bruising is much less.

17th October 2002, 06:41

i am intresting in starting up reiki too.Perhaps next week.
I want to ask you if you feel more "alive" ?Do you store energy (ki, chi...)?Because the last year i feel very tired.
Its a strange feeling.My bones are sometimes acheing.
Also i want to ask you as i am practising ninjutsu do you think that you can use this reiki practise,energy...so that you can have more power to your strikes?
Sorry for my bad english!

17th October 2002, 10:05
There have been some interesting threads with reiki and other types of alternative therapy on this forum. I just did a search and came up with some which should keep you busy for some time, if you are interested in seaparating the wheat from the chaff.

On the B&B forum page, at the bottom, there is search window. Enter "reiki" (without quotes) as your search word.

Have fun and really, good luck (hehe)


PS: Warning: Not for the weak of mind.:eek:

17th October 2002, 21:22
Hi guys,
thanks for the responses. Mark, I will plough my way through the past mails abot reiki, and if some of the contents are like some of the 'reiki' web pages I have seen, I'll be laughing till midnight.

Silversurfer, I don't know if Reiki will give your punches more power, but it should get you feeling more energised, and generally less achey (if thats how it's spelt?).
For myself, I practice MJER Iaido and Jodo, and have found Reiki great for calming me down before competition. I attend a Reiki share group based at an Aikido club, and many of the aiki people claim that they use it during gradings and even normal classes for energy boosts.

As you say Randall, the original healing purpose is also a benefit to other club members with training injuries.

Thanks again

17th October 2002, 22:14
Some Reiki HP's:




17th October 2002, 22:56
Thanks Robert,

these were realy good sites, and anyone viewing them will get a reasonable view of Reiki, from what I saw.
I have had hours of endless fun (before I discovered e-budo) reading sites where the 'master' also boasted about previous lives, usually as Cleopatra's cat. Does anyone know why so few of these 'reincarnation' bods never remember being dung farmers or starving peasants?

17th October 2002, 23:05
I think if most of those people were anything in a former life it was a "dung beetle". ;)